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Transform Your Grocery Trip into Fashion with These 5 OOTD Looks

If you are anything like me the past year has seen you turning a regular grocery run into a fashion event because lets face it, a pandemic wasn't built for special occasions. Don't get me wrong, I have certainly had my fair share of activewear shopping trips. However, I can't help but wonder when Elizabeth Taylor quoted "pour yourself a drink, put some lipstick on and pull yourself together," if she was in fact referring to the apocalyptic year that was 2020. Probably not, I mean not even those violet eyes could predict such a horrendous time. regardless, to pay homage to Taylor's quote I like to think that when the going gets tough the tough get dressed so here are five of my favorite grocery store fashion looks of 2020.

1. Whatever You Would Wear For a Socially Distanced Beach Photo Shoot Wear it to The Grocery Store.

Make no mistake, I confidently and with optimism might I add, went on the hunt for toilet paper in this outfit. Hat, dress, earrings and all! I purchased this dress from & Other Stories early in the pandemic and it never fails to receive compliments. Rain, hail, or pandemic grocery run, it has become my go-to dress for all pandemic occasions.

2. Never Underestimate What a Good Pair of Veja Kicks Can Do For an Outfit.

Prior to the pandemic I had been wanting a pair of eco-friendly Veja Sneakers for what seemed like a lifetime. According to their ethos they are "made with raw materials from organic and agro-ecological farming, without chemicals or polluting processes." That's not where their story ends; They are probably one of the most conscientious fashion brands on the market and I am beyond obsessed. So, I figured I would do my part for the planet and my feet and purchase these beauties, and what better way to wear them then with my favorite Alice and Olivia top and Asos skirt. Might I also add, what better place to rock this outfit then in the isle of a grocery store! P.S I also pulled out an old vintage bag purchased in Soho, Manhattan almost 20 years ago.

3. There is Nothing Like a Nice Pair of Linen Pants When Heading Out to the Supermarket Trenches.

I will never be the girl who can wear white and not fall victim to some random stain. However, in a year like 2020 it's a pandemic and I will wear white if I want to. I picked these pants up in Spain during the summer of 2019 from Massimo Dutti. Remember back when we could fly to foreign countries without a care in the world? Gives a whole new meaning to flying by the seat of your pants doesn't it?

4. Color me a Pretty Alice and Olivia Skirt.

To know me is to know that Alice and Olivia is pretty much my favorite Los Angeles Fashion Designer and this skirt would have to be a show stopper. I paired it with some Givenchy Slides and a white shirt because nothing matches a Farmers Market more than a multi-colored pleated midi skirt in the midst of a worldwide pandemic.

5. Last but Not Least Would it Even be a Pandemic Without Activewear?

I don't know about you but this downtime had me doing a lot of downward dog. I've been practicing Yoga for almost 20 years and it has become my saving grace during the past year. I enjoy all types of workouts. However, when I'm not sure how to move my body on a particular day, Yoga is always the answer. For my practice I like keeping my activewear simple. This Cotton On outfit was inexpensive and a year later it's still going strong. It also survived the grocery store herds on a number of occasions too.

I hope this spices up your grocery trips. Stay safe and look for the joy of fashion wherever you can.




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