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Societal Pressures and the 2020 Woman

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

It’s the 2020’s! Women can vote (hallelujah), own a home, and although the 2020 woman is still evidently the subject of the gender wage gap, it is crystal clear the females of our current 20's decade are proudly roaring their worth. However, with the modern world come new and unforeseen societal pressures that our female ancestors did not anticipate.

Do we care more about the perfect selfie or our true sense of self?

Social media is a battleground for many of us. As we spend more time at home riding out Covid-19 and less time interacting with loved ones it's easy to get lost in the world of the gram, make unhealthy comparisons toward people we have never met, and develop hatred towards those who post a political statement without spending a moment to reason or even fact check. In short, this type of toxicity can be detrimental and what was once a beautiful form of immediacy to keep in touch with loved ones far and wide has to some degree, become the bane of our existence.

As women, how exactly can social media negatively impact our day-to-day life? In my mid-30s, having reluctantly signed up to Facebook thirteen years ago and Instagram eight years ago I am beyond grateful to have grown up without the burden of social media; when love hearts weren't an emoji but rather a tender laugh with friends, and likes weren't about engagement but precious moments spent making memories with loved ones. Aside from generating a false sense of identity social media is the place where a simple filter can adversely impact a woman's image instantly. Comparison is the thief of joy and in all honesty, if you are a woman on social media and you haven't compared yourself to that flawless-skinned girl vacationing every other month while sporting a new Chanel bag then you need to bottle that secret up and sell it.

We are all guilty of showing our highlight reel but how about simply being real? It's 2020; women have fought tooth and nail to enjoy the freedoms that come with the 21st Century. My Grandmother would always tell me how she wished she was born when I was - a baby girl of the 80s was light years away from a baby girl of the 1920s who would never know her mother because childbirth was a death sentence for numerous women at the time. I am sure your grandmothers had their own stories too. For all the women that came before us, let us not take a moment for granted. Let's keep it real.



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