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Alixandra Kupcik


Height: 5'8"
Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

NYC Theatre

The Hot L Baltimore                   Suzy/Mrs. Oxhenham          T. Schreiber Theatre

Sydney/Melbourne Theatre

Three Sisters                              Olga                                         The Tap Gallery Theatre

Short and Sweet 2012              The Silence                             King Street Theatre

Short and Sweet 2012              The Emperor is Free             King Street Theatre

Future Classic Theatre              Various Roles                         Various Venues

Singer                                          Solo                                         The Art Lounge

Reflections                                  Cabaret                                   Butterfly Club & El Rocco

Measure for Measure               Provost                                    Shakespeare by the Sea

Romeo and Juliet                       The Nurse                               Shakespeare by the Sea

New York-A State of Mind        Solo Cabaret Act                    Bar Me, El Rocco

The Dining Room                       Lead/Various                         Go Theatre

Uncle Vanya                                Soyna                                      ACTT

Coleurs de Sauvage                   Girl 1                                       Ensemble Theatre

Rock Bottom                               Linda                                      Toaster Productions

Silhouette                                    Girl 1                                      Vision Image Productions

That's Why You're Still Single    Guest                                     Neon Pictures


Conflicts available upon request.


T. Schreiber 1 Year Conservatory                                           T. Schreiber

Bova Actors Workshop NYC                                                    Anthony Bova

Eric Morris Workshop LA                                                         Eric Morris

The Actors College of Theatre and TV (ACTT)                       John O'Hare

Special Skills/Achievements

Jazz/Cabaret Singer, British/American/Australian accents

2010 Recipient of The Dame Joan Sutherland Fund, Real Estate License, Stage Combat, Licensed Driver (Manual/Auto), experience working with children, Theatre Intern at the Wooster Group NYC

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