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Alixandra Kupcik Golden Globes 2017

Born into a culturally rich ancestry – Her uncle, originally a concert pianist, was a music aficionado who dedicated his career to marketing artists including, The Rolling Stones, Kate Bush, ABBA and Queen for EMI UK, and was the former president of Ticketek Australia. Her mother was a renowned Nightclub and Opera Singer whose family were infamously involved in the Old Tivoli Theatre Sydney. 


Needless to say, Alixandra spent her youth submersed in film, music and theatre. In 2004 she graduated from the Actors College of Theatre and Television Sydney (now the Academy of Film, Theatre and Television) and set her sights on NYC where she spent her summer at The Actors Studio. Whilst in NYC, Alixandra found the city to be the ideal platform to explore her love for Cabaret and spent the next 5 years singing in venues in Sydney, Melbourne and NYC with two of her own shows entitled  “New York a State of Mind” and “Reflections” which she produced, wrote and arranged. 


However, a true thespian her love for acting never strayed, and she was cast in numerous theatrical productions from Shakespeare to Chekov and in 2012-2013 she decided to return to NYC to study at the Terry Schreiber Studio and Theatre. Once completed, she returned to Sydney and launched her own theatre company, Suspicious Woman Productions with the opening of John Patrick Shanleys “The Big Funk” in Sydney. While busy producing Alixandra’s blog 5 Questions got selected for publication by Casting Networks International – the worlds biggest online casting network, and Alixandra is now the Australian Content Specialist, Writer and Editor for Casting Networks Australia.

In 2016, Alixandra moved to Beverly Hills, California where she is continuing her work as a writer, actor, singer as well as applying her theatre production skills to feature film packaging and financing.  


Alixandra’s current position created the perfect opportunity to launch LA Connect. With a wide network, an inherent eye for talent and a love for connecting people, LA Connect focuses on brands, and events. The company currently looks after a number of start up brands with a particular focus on Australian brands and talent new to Los Angeles including the Australian beauty brand Get Threaded, Wild Pony Swim, and the boutique wine distributor Finca La Malena from Argentina.


In September 2018 LA Connect will launch The Actors Package – a members only service for actors to gain exclusive discounts to the things they need.

LA Connect prides itself on connecting talent and business with a personalised, custom-made approach to help you kick start and|or expand your career. As a boutique personal service, we are strictly word of mouth and are dedicated to propelling the creative and vocational goals of our selective clientele.

With a curious eye, a strong work ethic and an infectious enthusiasm, Alixandra is always open to opportunities that will expand her network in the entertainment and marketing arena. 

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