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Actress. Singer. Voiceover Artist. Producer. Writer. Lyricist and Cat Mom. 

Alixandra, known affectionately as Alix, Al, or Cupcake to her friends and colleagues, is a multi-talented artist hailing from Sydney, Australia. She boasts a diverse range of skills, including acting, singing, voiceover work, producing, writing, and lyricism. A unique blend of Czech and German Jewish heritage, she also has a trace of British ancestry, which can be traced back to her great-great-grandmother, who served as a Lady in Waiting for Queen Victoria, thus inspiring Alixandra's middle name, Victoria.

Her formative years in Sydney were a captivating blend of daytime adventures, kayaking along the waters of Sydney Harbour and indulging in the beauty of Australia's world-famous beaches. By night, she immersed herself in the enchanting realms of music, film, and theater.

A virtuoso in acting and singing, Alix began her artistic journey at an early age, leaving an indelible mark with her remarkable one-woman shows, "New York: A State of Mind" and "Reflections," which enthralled audiences in Sydney, Melbourne, and the bustling streets of New York City. Her creative endeavors extended beyond the stage, as she curated a series of captivating stage productions, including "Orpheus" and the Sydney premiere of John Patrick Shanley's Academy Award-winning play, "The Big Funk," in which she not only took the lead role but also produced.


Alixandra's talents extend beyond the stage and screen. She is actively involved in packaging and financing feature films and continues to work as a jazz, cabaret, and musical theatre-style singer and songwriter, collaborating with the esteemed film composer Robert Folk. Her songwriting can be enjoyed on various streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, and Pandora.


As an ASCAP member, Alixandra is currently crafting song lyrics with Robert Folk, and her impressive portfolio also includes the role of Executive Producer for the upcoming film "Once Upon a Time in Vegas." With her exceptional voiceover skills, she specializes in American, Australian, and British accents, further showcasing her remarkable versatility and artistry.

Currently, Alix can be found on billboards, bus stops, train stations, online platforms, and television screens across the globe as part of the new Mailchimp global commercial campaign.


Amid all her diverse artistic pursuits, Alixandra discovers her most cherished moments when she can share her enchanting voice with audiences around the world. It's in these moments that she truly comes alive, performing and singing some of the greatest songs in iconic venues, such as The Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills.

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